Landscaping Services

Professional landscaping brings your property to life. Your property with a beautiful garden, flower beds, under tree scaping, bushes, and more improves your curb appeal. BMC specializes in residential and commercial landscaping and can spruce up your outdoor space. Flowers to retaining walls, we are ready for your project,

Here’s what you can expect using BMC:

  • One-on-one consultation to learn what you are looking for and wanting in your new landscape design.
  • BMC will then create a custom design for your property
  • After you approve the design, we will expertly install each element.
  • Once the landscaping project is completed, we’ll walk you through your new landscaping and answer any questions you may have. 

If you’re ready to make your dream landscaping project a reality, call BMC Landscaping and Outdoor Services.

Yard - Landscaping - SC


Softscapes are features that are added to your property consisting of materials and physically soft design elements. Unlike hardscapes, Softscapes often features shrubs, flowers, plants, soil, mulch, vines, turf, and color schemes. Softscape items are fluid and change as they mature. The ideal landscape is a balance of both hardscape and Softscaping. Softscapes are unlike hardscapes in that they do not have a long-term or permanent quality. Consider it the living or animated part of a landscape.

Plants – Flowers – Shrubs – Trees – Flower Beds – Planting – Trimming – Mulching – Nature Ground Coverings – Bushes and more. Call BMC today.


Accenting foliage with hardscape features is a hallmark in great landscaping. From retaining walls, edging  and a myriad of other features, we’re ready to construct your hardscape needs.

Retainer Wall - Belton SC
Sodding New Yard - SC


Who doesn’t love a lush, verdant lawn? If yours is browning, littered with crab grass or generally in lackluster condition, BMC is here to help with a new lawn installation. We give your lawn a fresh start that’s appealing and alluring.

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