Lawn Mowing Service

Let BMC maintain your lawn in South Carolina areas.

Having a well-maintained yard has many benefits. The number one is a beautiful looking lawn. A well-maintained yard will also have fewer bugs and will be able to tolerate the fluctuations in changing temperatures. Every yard that BMC services add to our reputation and reflects the excellent quality work we offer. Any time a friend or family members say your yard looks excellent, it is a positive referral to our company. That is why we ensure only high-quality work and outstanding results so you can count on us.
Something most people don’t know is that different grass types all require a different length to stay healthy and beautiful. BMC uses only the best commercial mowers so we can deliver accuracy and consistency every time. After we have completed your yard, you will have a beautiful lawn with great neighborhood curb appeal.

Our lawn mowing services include, clean cut mowing,  trimming, edging, blower clipping removal from pavement, decks and patios. BMC takes great pride in our business and your property,

Nice Mowed Lawn

When is Mowing Season?

In the upstate area of South Carolina , the mowing season will typically begin in March and ends around November 1st, depending on the weather. 

Lawn Care - Belton SC

How Long Your Grass Should be Before Winter

Though different strains of grass require different lengths to safely weather the winter, the most commonly preferred length is 2.75 inches to 3.0 inches. 

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